• Dakar unsettled

    By the dawn of 2006, Dakar, Senegal, seemed on the brink of great metamorphosis. Across the coastal capital city, the struggling nation’s grand potential was being declared through poured concrete and rising skeletons of steel. Drawing inspiration from the spectacular rise of global cities like Dubai, Senegal’s then-president Abdoulaye Wade and his allies imagined large-scale […]

  • Snapshot of an ancient city

    “Despite being very old, very big, very crowded and gloriously messy, it can’t quite claim to be the oldest, or biggest or grubbiest world metropolis.” This is how Max Rodenbeck, author of Cairo’s biography Cairo: The City Victorious (2000) describes his home city. “Cairo is not a city of superlatives,” he adds. However, it is […]

  • Experts advocate for a review of Abuja’s masterplan

    Growth and development in Nigerian urban areas had been generally unplanned and haphazard, adding to the  failure of government to provide basic infrastructure, plan for imminent growth and expansion, implement development plans and enforce development control, says a group of experts at a recent conference in Abuja. This was part of their call to have […]