• The Lagos Tour: How easy is it to walk around Lagos?

    Lagos is dealing with rapid urbanization, which has increased our demand for parking. However, nobody seems to be concerned that cars are parked on sidewalks without penalty while pedestrians are forced to walk on the road.

  • A pastiche of the streets in Cairo

    Photographer Roy M Gunnels documents life on Cairo’s Muizz Street.

  • The Lagos Tour: first stop Surulere

    ‘The Lagos Tour’ is a new, monthly feature from Future Lagos that will explore Lagos using photography. This month we visited Surulere, a residential and commercial district on the Lagos mainland, east of Lagos Island. The district is famous for it’s suya (spicy barbequed meat) and barbecue spots. The National Stadium complex is also situated in Surulere and is one of the district’s major landmarks.

  • 7th Street Melville: Joburg at Play

    For decades one of Jozi’s most social arteries, 7th street in Melville remains abuzz with an eclectic mix of establishments. It boasts some famous staples of Joburg’s restaurant scene and nightlife (with several of its bars and restaurants having lasted a decade or more in their current locations, which is no mean feat) and can always be counted upon to provide an interesting browse, a very good night out, and the richest of pickings for people watching.

  • Future Nairobi and the media menace

    Kichwateli, which means ‘TV-head’ in kiswahili, is a short film directed by the self-taught animator and graphic designer Muchiri Njenga. It is at once an Afro-futuristic and an almost-apocalyptic film but it’s also completely rooted in contemporary times.

  • Kampala stakes its place on East African art map

    African art lovers are preparing for the Kampala Art Biennale, which will be held throughout August in venues around Kampala. The Biennale is presented as an innovative project with the intention of showing contemporary works from around the continent and creating debate on its current value. According to the organizers, the first edition will give … Continued

  • Moments of connection at Cape Town’s World Music Fest

    “No one said that freedom would be so hard, rainbow child.” These words from the lead vocalist of South African band The Brother Moves On sent ripples through the crowd at the Cape Town World Music Festival on Friday night. When I had entered Cape Town City Hall, almost seven hours earlier, the grandeur of … Continued

  • Don’t snap me!

    “Don’t snap me!” he says as I twirl about with my bag unsteadily like a spinning top resisting the inevitable topple. “I was actually just taking a pic of the billboard” I offer, but end up muttering to myself, the offended man long gone. New city – we’re in Accra, Ghana – and our local … Continued

  • African Creative Economy Conference coming to Rabat

    Rabat, which was recently declared the Moroccan capital of culture, will host the fourth edition of the African Creative Economy Conference, an annual project of the Arterial Network. The network is a Pan-African civil society network of artists, cultural activists, enterprises, NGOs and others active in the creative sector. The conference will run from November … Continued

  • In God’s Land: Exploring Yeoville Ridge

    Ang Lloyd contributes on a rocky outcrop in Joburg offering far more than a good view. Cross-posted from urbanjoburg. I have found a place – in the middle of the city – where I can feel god. This place is hard to find: it requires a detour through Yeoville via Rocky Street, and a vague … Continued