• Kickstarting the night-time economy of our cities

    In Cape Town, our streets are primarily designed as arteries to accommodate the transport of goods and people, often with little regard for the pedestrian. They are the most vital of our public places, as they are where public life happens, and how they invite walking, shopping, and the presence of people throughout the day, […]

  • Invisible Borders explores new public spaces

    It’s a bright July afternoon in Accra. At Nima roundabout, cars normally pass around the circle and pedestrians walk through, but this afternoon the Invisible Borders Trans-African Photography Project exhibition draws attention and curiosity. People slow, pause, and stop to see the displays of immensely sized photographs mounted on wooden legs. The photographs, like windows, […]

  • Chale Wote Street Art Festival capitalizes on streetscape as public space

    “In Ghana, what attracts people to places isn’t the [physical] space, it’s the event,” a friend said to me in conversation a few weeks ago. I was reminded of his words this past weekend, standing at the triangle-shaped Otublohum Square in Jamestown. As I watched, bike stuntmen paraded up and down High Street, doing tricks […]

  • How can art bring purpose to Accra’s public spaces?

    By accident, Ghana’s telecommunications companies may have actually helped catalyze public art, at least in Accra. By branding houses, walls and kiosks with their company colors, they inspired a group of artists to bring their work into public space, too. In areas like Kawukudi and Nima, major roadsides are parades of blue, green, yellow and […]

  • Street life growing in Cape Town

    What’s the best way to encourage people to contribute to the good of society rather than just their own needs? You could appeal to their sense of justice, but that doesn’t seem to work for most of us. If it did, we’d be able to eliminate all the damaging things in the world just by […]

  • Rapolitiki: South African dub band, still relevant after all these years

    “The councillors & mayors ate their share, and they ate ours too”, begin Johannesburg based dub/raggae band Tidal Waves in their 2009 song “Rapolotika”. The song speaks of the corruption, apathy and dismay at the quality of leadership in our cities and is as relevant now as it was 3 years ago..Watch out for the […]

  • Viva Riva!!!

    If Quentin Tarantino made a movie based in an African city, Kinshasa, with it’s gritty streets and bustling music would make for the ideal setting. Djo Tunda Wa Munga, a Kinshasa based director has now beat him to it with Viva Riva, a congolese gangster movie that shows the many sides of the city, one […]

  • Urbanised: A New Documentary by Gary Hurswit

    Gary Hurstwit, well known for his previous two films, Helvetica and Objectified; recently launched his last film in this breathtaking trilogy about design in daily life. Titled Urbanised, the film looks at cities throughout the world and makes a commendable attempt at showing a diverse range of projects from accross the world that reveal the […]