• Bulawayo: a faded industrial giant

    Once revered as the industrial heart of Zimbabwe, Bulawayo has fallen into economic decline.

  • Analysis: Bulawayo at 120 — economic decline overshadows a proud history

    As the vintage steam train rolled into Bulawayo — Zimbabwe’s second largest city — to mark the city’s 120th anniversary last month, bitter sweet memories were inevitable. The train carried a banner that screamed “Forward Bulawayo.” In the past this could have been a war cry charting a vision, but now it is a little […]

  • Commuter trains ease traffic in Dar

    In Dar es Salaam the government in collaboration with the private sector has been trying hard to come up with solutions to solve the traffic jams that bedevil the city. One strategy has been the implementation of commuter train routes in the city, established in October 2012. The service is cheap and relatively reliable compared […]

  • Mobile macchiatos for Addis

    Busy urbanites don’t always have time to frequent local coffee shops in Addis Ababa. So entrepreneur Bizuayehu Getachew has come up with a creative solution: brew the coffee on the go. Getachew sports a mobile brewing machine on his back, which can mix macchiato powder with hot water to result in the perfect macchiato — […]

  • Food for thought: reforming governance through food

    From roadside “Mama Put” canteens and street vendors to sprawling supermarkets and vast catering networks, a booming food culture in Lagos is transforming the city’s landscape and culture with an industrial intensity nearly unmatched by any other commercial venture in the local economy. Much of this can be attributed to the stable growth of Nigeria’s […]