• Helping Africa’s urban poor gain from modernization

    NAIROBI, 4 February 2014 (IRIN) – Plans to reshape and modernize African cities, in part driven by investment, architecture and construction companies seeking new markets, could deepen existing social inequalities, according to recent research. But these development plans could also benefit the poor if governments are responsive to the needs of their citizens, argue analysts. […]

  • Urban news

    Tunis suburb sees police and terrorist forces in fatal stand-off Anti-terrorist units of Tunisia’s National Guard stormed a pair of houses containing militants in a seaside capital suburb Tuesday, ending nearly a day long stand-off that left eight dead. The incident highlights the threat of Islamist militancy as one of the biggest challenges to the new government. […]

  • Dakar: a fragmented agglomeration

    In Senegal’s capital a long absence of urban planning has led to the anarchic development of economic activities and residential settlements as well as the remarkable polarity of the city, writes Alé Badara Sy.

  • Close to 400 dead in Bangui

    Nearly 400 people were killed over the weekend in Bangui, according to the French embassy in the Central African Republic’s capital. “We count 394 dead in the last three days,” French Foreign Affairs Laurent Fabius told France 3 TV Sunday. “The operation of disarmament of the Seleka [rebel militias] are going to start,” he said, […]

  • Family planning summit in Addis

    Political leaders of more than 100 countries, dozens of African ministers, philanthropists, medical experts, delegates from large pharmaceutical companies such as Bayer, and women’s rights activists are attending the third international family planning conference in Addis Ababa, which began Tuesday. The conference will focus on decreasing the number of teenage pregnancies and ensuring young women have […]

  • Free, but not fair?

    The day of the local government elections in Banjul, on April 4, I went out onto the streets with my notebook, tape recorder and camera. Before I stepped out of my compound, I was greeted by concerned citizens wondering where I was going with all the equipment. When I told them my mission they begged […]

  • Voters in Banjul not swayed by infrastructure needs

    Many of Banjul’s citizens will tell you they support President Yahya Jammeh and his government. Those same civilians say development since 1996, when Jammeh took over as president, has rapidly expanded and increased. More than ever children (specifically girls) are going to school and more hospitals are being built. They call this progress. However, UN […]

  • Heavy rains put Gulu’s already fragile infrastructure under pressure

    On a rainy Sunday evening, the stench that comes from a burst sewer pipe on the main street in Gulu town is unbearable. It has been raining here on an almost daily basis for the last two months. And each time it does, the rain sends raw sewage that flows from old sewer pipes into […]

  • Weekly news roundup

    Informal settlements keep growing in South Africa’s Mother City Population growth, urbanisation and inadequate planning have led to the proliferation of slum settlements in Cape Town. The metro area contains almost as many informal settlements as the rest of the Western Cape province, despite the fact that Cape Town metro occupies less than 2% of […]

  • Lagos residents illegally evicted in the name of development

    Two prominent NGOs have released a report on evictions of Badia East residents during the first phase of a development project. The World Bank is funding the $200 million project in Lagos. Social and Economic Rights Action Center (SERAC) and Amnesty International in their report on the February evictions call on the World Bank to […]