• UNHCR crowd-sources solutions to urban refugee crisis

    United Nations High Commission for Refugees has implemented a web-based platform for ‘crowd-sourcing’ solutions to challenges facing urban refugees. This is particularly relevant to Africa’s cities which host large refugee populations. IRIN reports: The first challenge to be debated on the new crowd-sourcing platform is how to improve access to information and services for refugees […]

  • Responding to refugees in urban settings

    Sequestering refugees in rural camps is no longer the norm: The most recent estimates indicate that almost half of refugees flock to urban areas and just one third to rural camps, according to the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR). But while agencies are adjusting their approaches, they are still struggling to match their response with their […]

  • Confessions of a researcher

    Aisling O’Loghen is doing research on urban refugees in Tanzania for her PhD. In this honest, thoughtful post, she questions her role and value as a researcher dealing with the dire realities of her interview subjects.

  • New approaches to urban refugee livelihoods

    As the growth in urban refugee numbers far out-strips a parallel growth in humanitarian financial assistance and as the average length of displacement is now 17 years, feeding and providing direct services to these populations is no longer a viable option. Their ability to provide for themselves not only enhances their protection by reducing, for example their need to trade […]