• Close to 400 dead in Bangui

    Nearly 400 people were killed over the weekend in Bangui, according to the French embassy in the Central African Republic’s capital. “We count 394 dead in the last three days,” French Foreign Affairs Laurent Fabius told France 3 TV Sunday. “The operation of disarmament of the Seleka [rebel militias] are going to start,” he said, […]

  • Culture of gun violence in Arusha

    The impact of guns coming from Tanzania-Kenya border regions and Somali bases are beginning to be felt in Arusha, as hand guns increasingly cause deaths. Most of these deaths are fatal shootings by acquaintances, leading to the categorisation of the Arusha culture as ‘guns and roses’. Mariam Said of Tanzania Daily News argues that those […]

  • Insecurity strikes Bangui residents

    Since the ousting of President François Bozize when the rebel Seleka Alliance attacked the capital, the Central African republic (CAR) has been confronted with a security crisis. This instability has particularly afflicted Bangui, leading to increases in food prices, unemployment and banking restrictions for residents. IRIN reports: “Before, a sack of peanuts was 30,000 CFA francs [US$61], […]

  • Egyptians defy emergency law

    Egyptian protesters defied a nighttime curfew in restive towns along the Suez Canal, attacking police stations and ignoring emergency rule imposed by Islamist President Mohamed Mursi to end days of clashes that have killed at least 52 people. At least two men died in overnight fighting in the canal city of Port Said in the […]

  • Security heightens in Mauritanian cities

    The Mali conflict is having unexpected repercussions on its neighbour to the west. As the military action across the border entered its second week, Mauritania dismantled a student group allegedly tied to jihadists in Mali. “Mauritanian police arrested eight students of the Islamic University in Laâyoune, 800km northeast of Nouakchott, and accused them of having […]

  • Northern territories rife with rebel activity

    MALI: Latest on the Al-Qaeda-linked insurgents’ activity is reported by Al Jazeera, in “Mali rebels advance despite French airstrikes.” IRIN News reports on the fear-stricken capital of Mali’s Mopti region, in “Panic in Mopti as rebels move southwards.” SUDAN: Local news source Radio Dabanga reports of displaced persons “pouring” into the cities of Nertiti and […]

  • Rebels advance on Bangui

    Séléka fighters were December 27 said to be only 75 km from Bangui. There was deep anxiety in Bangui, capital of the Central African Republic, CAR, as rebels advanced towards the city, a UN envoy told the BBC. Margaret Vogt said Bangui residents were fearful of what could happen if the rebels overran the city. […]

  • Lagos and the terrorist threat

    In today’s world of entrepreneurial cities, at least two things matter more than size when it comes to inspiring investor confidence – urban infrastructure and security. Lagos, Africa’s second-largest city and fastest-growing urban economy, is no exception. Yet despite considerable efforts to deliver physical upgrades, instill formality into local practices and depopulate suspected brewing stations […]