• Transport Month: Deepening the significance for qualitative change

    October heralded another South African Transport Month. Given the number of national and international days for a variety of themes and causes, it’s easy for the significance of a month like this to be lost as just another event in a calendar of events. Transport Month 2013 must be different. It really does provide an […]

  • New toolkit provides cities with innovative street design guidelines

    (Cross-posted from TheCityFix.) Urban streets are getting a makeover. In many cities worldwide, bike share stations have usurped parking for private vehicles. Protected bike lanes are replacing traffic lanes, while the unwieldy, barren intersections of yesteryear are being reinvigorated as vibrant plazas for people. After a prolonged period in which city streets were essentially designed […]

  • Creating an Open City one street at a time

    Over the weekend, we (Open Streets) joined a conference organised by Future Cape Town to explore the concept of an “Open City”. In addition to inspiring and informative presentations, the event included a brainstorming session which allowed us to collect and compile ideas for small, simple and economic actions that can help build momentum for […]