• On food security: The prevalence of price hikes

    NAIROBI: According to a recent assessment of the city’s food security, undertaken by the Kenyan government and two international food organisations, the proportion of urban poor is rising steadily. In a city where almost all high-density urban settlement is informal, the assessment’s analysis of the city’s vulnerability to food insecurity reveals that 13% of households […]

  • Food for thought: reforming governance through food

    From roadside “Mama Put” canteens and street vendors to sprawling supermarkets and vast catering networks, a booming food culture in Lagos is transforming the city’s landscape and culture with an industrial intensity nearly unmatched by any other commercial venture in the local economy. Much of this can be attributed to the stable growth of Nigeria’s […]

  • Johannesburg is the greenest city in South Africa

    The city has the lowest greenhouse gas emissions per capita among the country’s four major cities, the lowest per capita electricity consumption and the second-highest amount of green space among 15 African cities surveyed by the Economist Intelligence Unit for its African Green City Index, the unit revealed on Tuesday. Though Johannesburg’s greenhouse gas emissions […]