Cities Alliance think tank: Serge Allou talks urbanisation in Africa

Agenda 2063—The Africa We Want is a flagship campaign of the African Union. This policy argues for using the opportunity offered by urbanisation and the demographic shift to fulfil the vision of an African renaissance. With urbanisation firmly on the agenda across Africa there is a need for a constructive policy dialogue on what exactly urbanisation in Africa might mean. To support such a process the Cities Alliance secretariat has awarded a grant to the African Centre for Cities (ACC) at the University of Cape Town to establish an independent think tank dedicated to this issue.

In this video interview Serge Allou, lead urban specialist with Cities Alliance, discusses future urban growth in Africa and some of the challenges associated with urbanisation. As he explains,  urbanisation in Africa involves high levels of poverty and inequality and a main challenge is to address inequalities in cities with regards to access to social services and jobs.

For more on the Cities Alliance Africa Think Tank read this post.
Photo: Dar es Salaam. via flickr user Davy Demaline.

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