Cleaning industrial production in West African cities

Some interesting news on the urban sustainability in Africa front. The city of Tema, a sprawling, bustling and gritty hub of industrial activity on the Ghanaian coast, is now host to a National Centre of Excellence for Cleaner Production. With support from UN Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO), the Centre has been established to serve Ghana and the wider West African region (notably including Nigeria) with new technologies, approaches and techniques for using resources more efficiently and sustainably in production processes so as to reduce impacts from industry on the climate and the environment more broadly. The Centre is also tasked with making the consumers, investors and insurers of industries in the region more conscious of the environmental dimensions of their choices. The Centre was only recently opened, on the 20th January 2012, by Ghana’s Environmental Protection Agency. They have a big job ahead of them so it will be interesting to watch what develops!



Anna Taylor a Researcher on Climate Change and Urban Sustainability at the African Centre for Cities at the University of Cape Town. Anna’s work forms a part of her PhD research on the governance conditions for adapting to climate change at the city scale.  Her PhD research is jointly funded by ACDI and the Mistra Urban Futures Programme.

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