Film: Powering Namuwongo

Kampala is experiencing rapid urbanisation and resulting transformation with over two million people now living in Uganda’s capital city. Many of these residents live in informal settlements. Full access to urban services, such as energy, is limited as city authorities and utility companies struggle to create infrastructure for everyone. But that doesn’t mean people in popular neighbourhoods like Namuwongo do without. They just find other ways to power their lives, creating jobs and vital income but also daily worries and environmental concerns. This short film, produced by Jonathan Silver, explores some of these different energy systems operating in Namuwongo and the people who create, use, sell and buy them.


Director: Joel Ongwech
Sound: David Naxic
Producer: Jonathan Silver
Researchers: Joel Ongwech/Gladys Acan/Jonathan Silver
Music: Joel Kahiri and Myko Ouma

Funded by the Leverhulme Trust; Supported by the SAMSET Project.


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