On knowledge management, data, finance and researching the state of cities in Africa

The State of the Cities in Africa (SOCA) Project was initiated to address the demand for information and support from cities and practitioners in order to systematically define urban systems in Africa. The SOCA Project is one attempt to respond to the demand for information by building relationships with universities, local governments, national government and other durable civil society institutions.

A recent meeting of SOCA partners and participants met in Cape Town to share experiences on progress as well as experiences. Below are some of the presentations from various participants

Jane Battersby on Food security and the AFSUN Project

Jay Bhalla on Open data and the opportunities it presents

Kubeshni Govender on Knowledge management opportunities for the State of Cities in Africa (SOCA) project

MILE – Municipal Institute of Learning: Putting knowledge into practice

Roland Hunter on Municipal finances in African cities

Rajen Govender: Indicators for development – The Experience of South African Cities

Tanzania State of Cities ReportProgress and challenges

Adele Hosken on Cities Alliance

Omondi-Odhiambo: Managing Urban Data in an African Context


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