Cities as growth poles: the case of Angola

Angola’s development policy is centred on the idea of creating a network of growth poles. But the focus on ‘hard infrastructure’ in a country where rates of poverty, inequality, and unemployment are high is inadequate to meet the country’s development needs.

Troubling the image of an African city: Interview with Rike Sitas

Art can provoke new understandings of cities, and potentially dismantle polarised images that characterise African cities. UrbanAfrica.Net interviews the ACC’s Rike Sitas.

User-driven housing construction: lessons from Cairo

In Cairo, informal modes of housing production create a resilient and user-generated city.

Reimagining Cairo through its passageways

The Cairo Laboratory for Urban Studies, Training and Environmental Research is redesigning city passageways to activate underused public spaces downtown.

Looking at cities through food: Consuming Urban Poverty

Food systems have been studied in primary cities but there is far less understanding about governance of food systems in secondary cities in Africa. The African Centre for Cities has launched a project, ‘Consuming Urban Poverty, which focuses on governing food systems to alleviate poverty in three secondary cities.

Holding local government to account

Highlights from the launch of the Good Governance Learning Network’s annual publication in June.

The problem with Cape Town in literature

Cape Town’s natural beauty and inequality may hinder its literary depictions.

The Modernist Project in Luanda

Urban development in Luanda has taken a modernist slant, reminiscent of the late modernist principles of post-industrial Europe. Technocrats, politicians, urban planners and a bevy of international consultants are spearheading such visions, as they appear to be seeking some form of modernist urban progression that demonstrates Luanda’s status as an international economic engine and showcase.

Cape Town’s MyCiti BRT – Four Years into its ‘Democracy’

Four years since the first MyCiti bus route started operating in Cape Town, it seems a fitting time to see how the system is faring.

How public art is reshaping Tshwane

Tshwane designers, artists and architects are transforming the city with help from Capital Collective, an organisation working to enhance collaboration between the private and public sector.