Realising just cities: Mistra Urban Futures

Recap of the Mistra Urban Futures ‘Just City’ conference.

Untapped finance for African cities: Municipal bonds

Municipal bonds are increasingly seen as a way to plug the finance gap for African cities that face a chronic shortfall in urban financing.

Innovations in urban food security research

How a multi-country research team is developing new ways of researching urban food security for the Consuming Urban Poverty project.

African smart cities: potential and pitfalls

Rapid urbanization, coupled with a race for better connectivity, offers an opportunity to introduce smart city initiatives in African cities. But smart cities come with their challenges.

Powering Africa’s urban revolution

Powering Africa’s urban revolution is complex.

What makes a bikeable city? Ideas to get Lagos cycling again

How Lagos can become a bike-friendly city.

Can we use housing interventions to fight TB in South Africa?

Tubercolosis is the top killer in South Africa. Building better houses could help reduce the spread of the disease, writes Stuart Denoon-Stevens.

Green spaces in cities good for mental health

The importance of safe green spaces in cities should not be underestimated, especially for mental health.

Co-production in action: Towards realising just cities

Publication from Mistra Urban Futures gives window into transdisciplinary work on urban development .

Urban Action Lab at Makerere University is in action

Urban Action Lab in Kampala to make crucial contribution from East Africa to pan-African attempts at facing urban challenges.