Window into political perceptions in Gauteng

Just because citizens are satisfied with service delivery doesn’t mean they’re singing local governments’ praises. This and other insights from the Gauteng-City Region Observatory’s Quality of Life Index.

Long road to spatial transformation of SA’s cities

Spatial transformation is critical for the growth and development of South Africa’s cities. But in 2016, spatial transformation is still a long way off.

Express bus service for Addis

Addis Ababa’s new Sheger Express bus system is changing the face of public transport in a city where close to 60% of the population walks to their destinations.

Inclusive urban management in Lagos: a case for street traders’ survival

In Lagos, urban management strategies have not recognised the spatial requirements of street traders as a priority. Researcher Kolade Akiyode offers his thoughts on some solutions.

International Accreditation for University of Botswana’s Urban & Regional Planning Undergrad Programme

The Urban & Regional Planning (URP) programme is the first at the University of Botswana to be awarded full accreditation by an international professional body.

How informal cross border trade extends the reach of Johannesburg’s retail and wholesale sectors

Informal cross border traders contribute between R2.3 and R3.6 billion to Johannesburg’s wholesale and retail economy annually.

African cities can avoid lock-in to fossil fuels

As Africa continues to urbanize at an unprecedented rate there is a great need to build cities that are resilient and can withstand the pressures of the future.

Joburg’s mall malaise

To create better South African cities it’s time to think beyond the cut-and-paste monotony that is privatised shopping mall developments argues Geoff Bickford.

Community-driven informal settlement upgrading: the SDI approach

Stuart Denoon-Stevens unpacks Shack/Slum Dwellers International’s community-driven informal settlement upgrading methodology with a look to why it works.

The barricaded shops of Delft South

Shop-keepers in Delft South, an area with one of the highest crime rates in South Africa, are fortifying their stores with cages to protect themselves from criminals.