Unlearning [un]located ideas in the provincialization of urban theory

Paper contributes to developing a situated approach to cultural and material politics of urban life that draws a lot of its energy from postcolonial and global South urbanism literature.

Ghana’s drive for gas power calls commitment to renewables into question

To deal with its energy crisis Ghana is investing in gas-powered thermal plants with the aim of supplying 80% of the country’s electricity from gas-powered plants in the next 10 years. This calls into question the future of renewable energy development.

Film: Powering Namuwongo

Short film explores alternative energy systems operating in Namuwongo, an informal settlement in Kampla, Uganda, and the people who create and use them.

New Urban Agenda mustn’t leave secondary African cities out in the cold

To deal with the challenges of rapid urbanisation happening in secondary African cities, slum dwellers are organising themselves and creating local plans based on data they have collected to inform partnerships with local government.

Opening the streets in Mitchells Plain

Open Streets activates public space in Mitchells Plain.

Video: building upward with Empower Shack

How a two-story housing prototype aims to transform housing in Cape Town’s Khayelitsha.

Slum dweller federations put data to use in Lagos

A report back on the profiling and mapping activities undertaken by the Nigerian Slum Dwellers Federation and JEI Nigeria in Lagos, Nigeria.

The case for ecological sanitation in South Africa

Why dry and ecological sanitation technology should take centre stage when considering South Africa’s sanitation future.

Youth: The centrepiece of urban renewal

Better urban planning results come about when slum dweller communities are empowered to develop their own ideas and shape them into realistic and measurable plans.

We have a life in Kibera

Video counters negative perceptions of Kibera.