Slums in Ghana – Tackie’s take

Join Frank Tackie, past president of the Ghana Institute of Planners, with guests, in a 50-minute discussion about slums and urban sprawl in Ghana.







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One Response to “Slums in Ghana – Tackie’s take”

  1. James Newton

    Ghana needs its professionals to stand up and be counted. To get the support of the citizenry, we need to tell them what the alternatives are, with clear computer generated graphics to challenge what currently exist.
    The something we need to look up to, is a strong leader like Nkrumah was for a clear sense of direction.
    This dictatorship I’m willing to put up with.
    I’m not a professional but I know putting the people of Chorkor and Teshie in High rise apartments with access to quality social services, would easily transform these areas.


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